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Ori’s Biography 

At age 48 Ori Kopelman has spent 25 years helping companies develop technology in a rapid yet conscious way. He plans to bring the efficiency he taught businesses all over the world to Maui’s county government. He incorporates diverse points of view while designing solutions that trade-off risks and resources while delivering rapid results. He‘s published 3 books, numerous papers, won a Small Press Book Award, and been honored as an Outstanding Young Man and Who’s Who in America.

Ori has lived on Maui for 16 years. The management consulting firm he founded in 1992 in northern California, Global Brain®, taught clients worldwide his QRPD®: “Quality Rapid Product Development” methodology. This resulted in companies thriving through developing products in half the time at half the cost with double the fun.

Prior in Silicon Valley he was Vice President of Engineering as Mountain Computer grew tenfold in six years to $120 million. He taught QRPD at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Program and at the University of California Berkeley Extension for about fifteen years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with distinction from Stanford University.

Ori grew up in Israel and Ann Arbor, Michigan where he was a state tennis champion. He’s bilingual in English/Hebrew and speaks German and French. Community activities include Rotary Club of Maui, chairing the polling station in Kula for several elections, and actively encouraging voter participation. Ori attends Grace Church, practices personal growth/meditation, and believes in self-awareness.



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